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APPRAISER Signature Name Company Address Telephone Number Date of Signature and Report Date of Inspection State Certification or State License State Expiration Date of Certification or License CURRENT LENDER/CLIENT Freddie Mac Form 442 March 2005 Did not inspect subject property Did inspect exterior of subject property from street Page 1 of 1 Fannie Mae Form 1004D March 2005. Appraisal Update and/or Completion Report File The purpose of this report form is to provide the lender/client with an...
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How to fill out 1004d form


How to fill out 1004d:

Start by gathering all the necessary information and documents required for the form.
Fill in the basic details such as the property address, borrower information, and lender information.
Provide the required information related to the specific reason for filling out 1004d, whether it is for an appraisal update, property repairs, or other specific purposes.
Make sure to include all the relevant information about the property's current condition and any recent changes or updates that may have been made.
Provide accurate and detailed measurements and descriptions of the property's dimensions, features, and amenities.
Include any supporting documentation or photographs that may be required to supplement the information provided in the form.
Double-check all the information filled in the form for accuracy and completeness before submitting it.

Who needs 1004d:

Homeowners or property owners who need to provide an update or additional appraisal information to their lender or mortgage company.
Real estate agents or brokers who are assisting their clients in completing the necessary paperwork for property repairs, updates, or refinancing.
Lenders and mortgage companies who require specific information about a property's condition or any recent changes made to it.
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People Also Ask about 1004d

Comments and Help with appraisal 1004d

Who needs a form 1004D?

This form is used by property inspectors to inform a requesting party (usually, a lender or an owner of a property) of inspection results. Owners may request appraisal updates or completion reports with this form. Both are the obligation of the inspector. He must provide this file in order to determine a change in market value of the property.

What is form 1004D for?

When the owner requests an appraisal update, it means he wants to determine the property value after it was used by tenants or before it will be put up for sale. Also, the owner can use this form when he requested improvements to be made by the tenants or lessees, and he needs assurance that certain improvements have already been implemented. Used in this way, form 1004D is a completion report and documents the current state of the property.

Is it accompanied by other forms?

Yes, it is. Inspectors are requested to conduct outdoor inspections, which is why they to attach at least two photos of the property to the completed form 1004D.

When is form 1004D due?

The owner or lender will set the due date for conducting an inspection and filing this form.

How do I fill out a form 1004D?

In the first box, inspectors must write the address and legal description of the property. They need to provide the date of contract and effective date of original appraisal. They also must give the contacts of the client. If it’s a summary appraisal update, the only question to answer on this form is whether the market value of the subject property declined since the effective date of original appraisal. If it’s a completion report, inspectors must write if the improvements have been completed in accordance with the requirements and conditions stated in the original report.

Where do I send it?

Send it to the requesting party, that is, to the lender or the owner of the inspected property.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 1004d
Instructions and Help about fnma 1004d form
In this video we will discuss how to order an appraisal update or compliance inspection report using the connections web platform to order an appraisal update or completion form you will need to request a new appraisal order let's request that a compliance inspection report be completed for an order to do this we will click on the request appraisal navigation tab once on the request appraisal page you will simply choose the payment type the transaction type for the order then you'll enter the lender loan number make sure that the lender loan number matches the original lender loan number that you ordered the original appraiser with next you will see that a pop-up appears letting you know that the lender loan number you entered has matched a lender loan number already in our system, and it would like you to select the connections numbers to link together it's important that you link the orders together so that the order will flow through the CDP portal correctly as well as be assigned to the original appraiser assigned to the order be sure and click next to the connections ID for the orders you'd like to link together and click OK the box then disappears you will then complete the rest of the appraisal information as you normally would then click on request appraisal filling in any payment information once you've completed this the order will be assigned to the original appraiser and your 1004 D completion report will be returned to you shortly thank you for joining us for this video learning tutorial


  • Who is required to file 1004d?
    The 1004d form is usually used by mortgage lenders when appraising a property. It is typically completed by licensed appraisers and sent to the lender, who then uses the information to make a lending decision.
  • What information must be reported on 1004d?
    The following information must be reported on the 1004d form: 1. Date of the appraisal 2. Street address and legal description of the subject property 3. Borrower and Seller names 4. Appraiser credentials 5. Number of comparables used in the appraisal 6. Sales prices of the comparables 7. Adjustments made to the comparables 8. Appraised value of the subject property 9. Appraiser’s opinion of market value 10. Summary of the appraisal analysis 11. Appraiser’s signature and date
  • What is 1004d?
    1004d does not have a specific meaning or definition. It could be a code, reference number, product name, or any other term used in a specific context. Without further information, it is difficult to determine exactly what 1004d refers to.
  • How to fill out 1004d?
    Form 1004D is used for verifying completion of repairs or improvements on a property. Here are the steps to fill out this form: 1. Section #1: Basic Information - Provide the property address and the borrower's name. - Specify the current market value of the property. 2. Section #2: Scope of Work - Describe the work completed and provide details about the contractor or person responsible for performing the repairs or improvements. - Include the start and completion dates of the work. 3. Section #3: Cost of Repairs/Occupancy - Specify the cost of repairs or improvements completed. - Provide details about any additional inspections required for occupancy. 4. Section #4: Appraiser's Certification and Signature - The appraiser must certify that the repairs or improvements have been completed as described in Section #2. - The appraiser's signature, date, and license/certification number are required. 5. Provide any additional supporting documentation, if applicable. - If there are any invoices, contracts, or other materials related to the repairs or improvements, attach them to the form. 6. Check the form for accuracy. - Review the completed form to ensure all information is correct and accurate. 7. Submit the form. - The form may need to be submitted to a specific party, such as a lender or appraiser. Follow any instructions provided for submission. It is recommended to consult with a professional or refer to the specific instructions provided with the form to ensure accurate and complete completion of Form 1004D.
  • How do I modify my 1004d in Gmail?
    It's easy to use pdfFiller's Gmail add-on to make and edit your 1004d appraisal form and any other documents you get right in your email. You can also eSign them. Take a look at the Google Workspace Marketplace and get pdfFiller for Gmail. Get rid of the time-consuming steps and easily manage your documents and eSignatures with the help of an app.
  • How can I send form 1004d for eSignature?
    To distribute your 1004d form, simply send it to others and receive the eSigned document back instantly. Post or email a PDF that you've notarized online. Doing so requires never leaving your account.
  • Can I create an electronic signature for signing my 1004d form pdf in Gmail?
    Create your eSignature using pdfFiller and then eSign your 1004d final inspection form immediately from your email with pdfFiller's Gmail add-on. To keep your signatures and signed papers, you must create an account.
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